Turbo, Scrubber Dryer Battery Powered

Duplex Turbo represents an innovation in the compact floor scrubber segment.

Li-ion battery, compact, high-performance cleaning, suitable for all flooring types, including carpets and rugs.

Duplex Turbo washes, sweeps and dries in both working directions. 

Key features:

· Sweeping action

· Bi-directional drying

· Multi-surface capabilities (including carpets and rugs)

· High-performance cleaning

 Duplex Turbo offers the flexibility of use of a mop, while significantly improving performance and productivity.



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Unique features

  • High cleaning performance : the dual contra-rotating cylindrical brushes offer up to 40% more cleaning performance in a single pass, significantly increasing productivity compared to other machines in the same segment.
  • Start-stop” safety handle”: the machine features a safety handle for switching it on and off instantaneously.
  • Flexibility of use : thanks to the bi-directional handle and floor squeegee which allow the machine to be used in any working direction.
  • Sweeping function :thanks to the dual contra-rotating cylindrical brushes, combined with a special “mechanical” recovery system, Duplex Turbo washes, brushes and dries at the same time, significantly increasing productivity.
  • Bi-directional drying : Duplex has created a floor squeegee able to dry when moving both forwards and backwards. This concept, combined with the flexibility of the handle, offers an unprecedented user experience.
  • Multi-surface use : Duplex Turbo, with its dual brushes, has been designed for use on all floor surfaces, including carpets and rugs, significantly decreasing user investment in different specific products.
  • Duplex Turbo combines the concept of an industrial machine for its functions, and that of a “modern” machine for its size and ease of use.

Technical specifications

Working surface 1500 m2/h
Washing width 320 mm
Dimensions 490x410x1120h mm
Number of brushes 2
Power supply Battery
Voltage 36 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Noise level <70 dBA
Solution tank 3.5 Lt
Recovery tank 6 Lt
Brushes speed 650 g/min
Brushes pressure 200 gr/cm2
Weight 12,7 kg
Unloaded weight with battery 15 kg
Absorbed power 300 watt
Battery operating time 1h
Charging time 3.5 h
Battery charger 100/240 Volt
Packaging dimensions mm 650x510x360h


Second accessory - Image
Universal brushes and squeegees supplied with the Turbo are ideal for all type of floorings. Optional brushes and squeeges available for specific necessities.