Duplex Escalator Base

Amazing results for cleaning escalators

The Duplex Escalator Base 350 or 550 is the Escalator Cleaning Machine of choice for the smaller facility with a small number of escalators or travelators to clean.

The Duplex Escalator Cleaning Machine Base has a 350 or 550 mm cleaning width and unique patented guide rails making it suitable for regular maintenance cleaning of escalators and travelators.

The patented guide rail system perfectly aligns into the treads of the escalator or travelator thus ensuring the safe operation of the machine whilst in motion.

Cleaning is a two stage process, firstly the machine is connected to a tub vacuum cleaner for a ‘dry sweep’ to remove dust and that is followed by a ‘damp wash’ as the machine sprays a fine mist of water and cleaning fluid onto the treads before scrubbing the escalator’s treads using special brushes.

The Duplex Escalator Base uses minimal water which is a key requirement of escalator and travelator manufacturers whilst also being environmentally friendly.

The brushes have been designed in consultation with leading escalator manufacturers and reach fully into the treads where dust and grime can accumulate.

The Duplex Escalator Base cleans right up to the edge thus ensuring that escalators and travelators can be cleaned in just a few passes.


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Unique features

  • The patented homing guidance base, with its grooved wheels, keeps the machine on track in the working position.
  • This is the only dual action machine with a washing cycle action which can be reversed simply by inverting the position of the handle.
  • The Duplex Escalator Base is supplied with a compact trolley for easy transport.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Available in 35 cm and 55 cm widths.

Technical specifications

Washing width 350 / 550 mm
Dimensions mm 475x465(665)x250h
Number of brushes 2
Power supply Cord
Voltage 115 - 240 Volt
Frequency 60 - 50 Hz
Noise level < 64 dBA
Solution tank 5,4 / 9,5 Lt
Recovery tank 2.3 / 3,6 Lt
Weight 28 / 39 kg
Absorbed power 1000/1250 - 1480/1600 watt
Packaging dimensions mm 1000x660x1150h


Three-wheel trolley.
Special detergent
"Detex" is a special detergent formulated specifically for the application and compatible with the most common metal surfaces.