Duplex S.r.l. has been making high precision electromechanical and electronic equipment since 1953.

The experience of many years in the industry, and our highly specialised and skilled technical staff, enabled us to design other products of even greater electromechanical complexity.

Our new direction, in the manufacture of modern floor cleaning systems for every application, has resulted in a range of innovative alternatives to conventional floor cleaning solutions.

After years of R&D and practical tests, the company started making the DUPLEX range of professional floor washers in 1982. 

Duplex products stand out for their practicality, manoeuvrability and ease of use; they are easy to adapt to any kind of flooring, including carpet tiles, clean right up to the wall and into narrow corners, wash and extract dirt and work in both directions - all of which adds up to enormous time savings.

And their robust construction not only makes them safe to operate, but also dependable and almost maintenance free.

The Duplex range is ideal for cleaning any room, whether public (clinics, schools, communities, hospitals, hotels, canteens, shops, etc.) or private; and their reliability and ease of operation makes them ideal for both professional and domestic applications.



Duplex floorwashers, available in a range of standard models using water and detergent, as well as range of steam versions, have been continuously refined over the years. Today, not only do they do the job, but they are equally effective in any climate, whether in the Scandinavian winter or the humid heat of the tropics.

Duplex floorwashers recover dirt directly - there's no need to use a vacuum cleaner first; they work right up to the wall, and to reverse direction you only need to move the handle.



The salient characteristics of our products have enabled us, after lengthy and intensive testing, to perfect a new machine for cleaning escalators and mobile walkways - the Duplex Escalator Cleaner, now available in 3 different versions. 

The Duplex Escalator Cleaner features a patented homing guidance system which keeps it firmly in place throughout the cleaning process. 

The Duplex Escalator Cleaner quickly and easily cleans any escalator - while it is moving.